Laurelton is situated in the southeast corner of Queens, and it is a residential community in New York City. Notably, it consists of 18 neighborhoods. The place embraces a different variety of housing styles. Merrick Boulevard dissects the community in east-west direction laying the basis of a commercial spine. Despite Laurelton being part of New York City, it looks like a town on its own. The exemplary feature of the community is that it has no high-rise buildings and covers about one square mile. According to real estate professionals, the prices in the community are relatively low for what you get. To put the icing on the cake, there is a high sense of unity in this neighborhood ranging from block organization to civil associations.

Laurelton Schools

To quench the thirst of education, Laurelton has four renowned schools. Do not get me wrong, there are other schools in the neighborhood but we will focus on the main institution in this community.

  • The Gordon Parks School– This is an elite public school in Laurelton. The school prides itself with over 600 students. The teacher-student ratio is exemplary and it is rated higher than all the other schools in the area.
  • Ps 132 Ralph Bunche– It is an exemplary public school with a student population of about 350. The student-teacher ratio of this institution is 12:1.
  • Ps 156 Laurelton– It is an elite public school located in Laurelton and has over 300 students. The unique feature of the institution is that it has a teacher to student ratio of 16:1.
  • Linden SDA School– it is a private school, which is based on the Christian tenets of the SDA church. The school has a population of 222 students and a teacher to student ratio of 13:1.
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Recreational Parks in Laurelton

If you are looking for that green environment to relax or take your pet for a walk in Laurelton, worry no more because the area provides exemplary parks.

  • Montbellier Park– A relaxing space located in Springfield Blvd. the park consists playing spaces for kids and a leafy surrounding that helps you interact with nature first hand.
  • Brookville Park– Integrates basketball courts, playground, bocce & baseball areas, and hike bike paths.

Laurelton Local Amenities

From time to time, everybody requires blowing off some steam. When it comes to food joints and restaurant, the neighborhood prides itself on great places such as the Springfield Gardens Laurelton Station hotel. The Merrick Boulevard is the commercial strip, which integrates shopping malls, pizza points, dive bars, amongst many other amenities. When it comes to transportation, you can use your private car, train, subway or bus.

Laurelton Weather

Being along the coast Laurelton experiences frequent showers during the afternoon. Just as any other part located close to the ocean, the neighborhood is subject to the cool ocean breeze. During the summer, the place is usually hot and humid.

Laurelton Real Estate

As we mentioned earlier, Laurelton is a residential community. Notably, in this community, there is no single segment of living arrangement. Even though the place integrates different housing styles, the most common orientation is the lined blocks with single households—they are identical in structure, the lawn, and the driveway. The apartments in Laurelton combine duplexes and Tudor-style Rowhouses. Due to the great demand of houses, many real estate investors have invaded the community. Currently, there over 1000 ready houses for sale.