East Elmhurst is a neighborhood in Queens with all the charm and warmth you would expect from a community with so many long-term residents. This community is home to approximately 23,000 residents. Notable for its stability, East Elmhurst is also well-known for being the location of La Guardia Airport.

East Elmhurst Schools

Students in this area are served by the New York Department of Education’s District 30. There are eight schools serving the East Elmhurst neighborhood. Louis Armstrong Middle School, P.S. 127Q Aerospace Science Magnet School, and East Elmhurst Community School are among the schools in this area.

The Louis Armstrong Middle School was aptly named after Louis Armstrong, who used to be a resident of East Elmhurst. This school is divided into what is known as houses. Each house has an assistant principal and a guidance counselor. This type of structure provides students with a nurturing environment that encourages a sense of community.

P.S. 127Q Aerospace Science Magnet School enrolls approximately 1,284 students annually in grades kindergarten through eight. There are assistant principals for grades K-2, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8. They offer extended day and Saturday school, after-school programs, a junior tennis league, a soccer club, chorus, and middle school basketball and baseball teams.

East Elmhurst Community School enrolls approximately 385 students annually in grades kindergarten through four. Teachers are supportive of the school’s core values which are curiosity, courage, and community.

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Recreation & Parks in East Elmhurst

Overlook Park gives residents a chance to enjoy incredible views of the La Guardia Airfield below. At the top of a steep incline, you’ll find plenty of places to sit and relax while you take in the view.

Of course, if you want a prime viewing spot for watching the planes come into La Guardia Airport, you’ll want to visit Planeview Park. This park gets its name because this is where many people view airplanes as they make their final approach.

Located at the corner of McIntosh and 100th Street, you’ll find a community garden that is maintained by the McIntosh Neighborhood Association. This charming garden contains vegetables and flowers of different varieties. Relax among the mature trees that are also located within this open space.

East Elmhurst Weather

Enjoy all four seasons when you live in East Elmhurst. Grab your umbrella for the 47 inches of rainfall this area records annually. Prefer snow? You’re in luck! This area gets an average of 25 inches of snow each year. Don’t worry, you still have over 200 sun-filled days each year to enjoy the incredible outdoors. Average high temperatures in July are around 85 degrees. Average low temperatures are around 26 degrees in January.

East Elmhurst Real Estate

Most of the homes in East Elmhurst are Tudor Style. Many of the homes that follow Tudor Style have a large chimney and a high pitched roof. The real estate in East Elmhurst has a variety of single-family homes as well as sections of townhouses and row houses. The neighborhoods below La Guardia Airport, specifically Ditmars Boulevard, are where you’ll find a large selection of two-story homes.