One of the most famous Questions. When is it a good time to buy?

July 21, 2017

So no matter if I am standing in Bayside Queens, Bushwick Brooklyn, or Valley Stream in Nassau county it never fails this question has to be asked. 

I have now been doing real estate 14 years and it will be a hard question for the customer to acknowledge and want to hear it. 

There are many factors that go into when its a good time to buy a house.  The interest rate could be zero and some of my clients or customers might not be ready to buy. So is it a good time for them? 

They could have a large down payment and be missing a solid job for the last 2 years. Would these people be ready to buy? 

You have amazing credit and missing downpayment money, are you ready to buy? 

So everyone is different to make a long story short. I would say its a good time to buy when you have all the requirements to get a mortgage or if you that lucky and have all CASH! 

I say this because 95% of people need a mortgage. So you will need at best 3.5% downpayment money to do an FHA loan.  Have a steady job these are things that a loan officer needs to get you pre-approved and prepared to buy a house. 

I could point you in the direction right now to get a 25,000 grant in Queens and Brooklyn, email me to get details.  I would say sit with me for a consultation to see if you're ready. What ever the market is doing only counts if your well prepared for the next steps.  Call me today and lets see where you stand. 

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