July 20, 2017

Hello Everyone, 


I guess I wanted to address some of the things I see. When you buy a home keep all the documents.  DO NOT , DO NOT  throw away any documents. 

Even though this should be common sense it's not.  I  come across people who are having issues that just cant seem to know where their documents are located. This can help solve many issues. What the title insurance covered before and what they didn't cover. It also has your survey sketch included.   Ask your attorney for these documents.  That's another reason why also choosing your own title company is important, you can call them as well. Have the company you chose get you your documents. 

Survey is important because lets say you want to put up a fence. Your fence company needs to know where exactly your property lines are located. This will help your fence company do the job correctly.  In the long run this help you avoid any conflicts with your neighbor. We all want to be good neighbor's and have fantastic relationships.  


I will suggest you scan your documents and save them in a searchable format.  You many companies to choose from if you don't want to save them locally on your PC.  Try  drop box ,  google vault , or One Drive.  Before I forget your CPA my also want to see your Closing Disclosure or settlement sheet. 


I hope this finds you all well. For any questions that you might have please email me at